Celerie Kemble

Maitland-Smith is pleased to collaborate with noted interior designer and author, The Celerie Kemble for Maitland-Smith collection incorporates her favorite materials -- colorful shells, bamboo shapes, faux shagreen, acrylic, brass, gold leafing and a lacquered burnt sugar leather which she describes as “the color of crème brulee just before it burns.”

For nearly forty years Maitland-Smith has been known for using exotic materials and time-consuming artisan craftsmanship in creating items of beauty and distinction and of the highest quality. Comparing furnishings to fashion, the lighting and accessories are said to be the “jewelry pieces that complement and make the outfit special.” She is the author of several books including Black & White [and a bit in between], To Your Taste: Creating Modern Rooms with a Traditional Twist and Timeless Celerie Kemble Interiors, Dramatic Accents.